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Aluminum Rolling Scaffold In China

Aluminum Rolling Scaffold In China

Item NO.:PINYUAN-462
Payment:30-50% T/T in advance
Product Origin:Guangzhou
Color:Silver or customized
Shipping Port:Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Certification:CE, TUV, ISO9001:2015
Lead Time:2-15 working days
Product Detail

Product Description:

Aluminum Rolling Scaffold is made in Aluminum alloy material, Which is lightweight but strong enough. Consist of aluminum frame , horizontal tube and diagonal tube , stair and platform. 

Product Details:

1·Straight ladder built inside

2·Top Platform has a window to open and close


4·Easy to assemble

5·Automatic locking hook:easy-release design

6·Anti-slip plywood platform:18mm thick plywood with high quality cotton wood core

7·Safety load:900KG

mobile scaffold platform

We will offer different frame side piece according to different height, there are three rungs frame, four rungs frame and five rungs frame. Customers can use them flexible to set up a platform in different height.

mobile tower scaffold

Installation steps of the Aluminum Rolling Scaffold:

telescopic scaffold tower


1.The adjustable legs should keep it clean and put some lubricants on it. 

2.When move the scaffolding, should pay attention to the object in the sky. Especially the electric wire. 

3.Nothing can be keep on the platform when moving the scaffolding. 

4.Person can not stand on the platform when moving the scaffolding.

5.If the height of the scaffolding is more than 7m, outriggers have to add. 

6.The workers have to take safety helmet, can not wear slippers or barefoot on the platform. 

7.Non-staff is not allow to keep close to the scaffolding or stay around it when build up the platform. 

8.The aluminum rolling scaffold is electric conduction. It can not close to conductive place. 

9.Brake must be used for positioning, the workers need to fasten the seat-belt.

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