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Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower In China
Item NO.:PINYUAN-StageScaffolding463
Payment:30-50% T/T in advance
Product Origin:Guangzhou
Shipping Port:Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Certification:CE, TUV, ISO9001:2015
Lead Time:2-15 working days
Product Detail

Product Description:

The Aluminum Mobile Scaffold Tower is a new style of aerial working platform with advance design and unique craftsmanship. It is widely used in high-speed rail station maintenance industry for its remarkable features of safety. 

Product Details:

The unit of the aluminum mobile scaffold tower has the advantage of lightweight, simple and quick construction. It is also dis-assembly,stable structure , convenience movement and corrosion resistance.

lightweight scaffold tower

Safety standard

European safety standards HD10042

Length of the frame


Width of the frame

1.35M or 0.72M

Thickness of the tube

50mm x 2mm

Adjustable legs

6ft or 8ft

Adjustable range of the legs


Degree of the stair

45 degree, 75 degree or 90 degree

Connection hook

Connected by different color

Connection style


Welding style

Aluminum welding


Square tube frame with 18mm plywood

Platform loading capacity


Total loading capacity


Skirting board width


Surface of the skirting board

Anti-skid , fire prevention and waterproof

mobile scaffold platform

roll around scaffolding

Installation steps of the Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower

telescopic scaffold tower


portable rolling scaffold


1.The adjustable legs should keep it clean and put some lubricants on it. 

2.When move the aluminum scaffolding, should pay attention to the object in the sky. Especially the electric wire. 

3.Nothing can be keep on the platform when moving the aluminum scaffolding. 

4.Person can not stand on the platform when moving the aluminum scaffolding.

5.If the height of the scaffolding is more than 7m, outriggers have to be added. 

6.The workers have to take safety helmet, can not wear slippers or barefoot on the platform. 

7.Non-staff is not allow to keep close to the scaffolding or stay around it when build up the platform. 

8.The aluminum rolling scaffold is electric conduction. It can not close to conductive place. 

9.Brake must be used for positioning, the workers need to fasten the seat-belt.

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