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The liDAR vehicle was launched the first time in Sichuan

Brief Introduction:

the Lidar navigation vehicles were first launched in Zhangzhou and Mianyang in the province, and the pollution sources were accurately searched to ensure more blue sky.


On June 13th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Ecological Environment that in order to fight the blue sky, the Lidar navigation vehicles were first launched in Zhangzhou and Mianyang in the province, and the pollution sources were accurately searched to ensure more blue sky.

Recently, when the Liyang navigation vehicle of Mianyang City was routinely tested in the high-tech zone, it was found that the VOC index near Hongyuan Road suddenly increased, reaching 6,000 mg/m3 at one time, and the inspectors immediately went to check.

After on-site investigation, the workshop of a steel structure factory was carrying out oil tank spraying operation. During the spraying process, the working area was not completely closed and was in a semi-open state. At the same time, the photo-oxygen facility in the associated organic waste gas treatment facility did not open, resulting in a sudden increase in VOC indicators. At present, the Mianyang City Environmental Supervision and Law Enforcement Detachment has stopped the suspected illegal act of the factory and has filed an investigation.

The reporter learned that this is the first time that Mianyang City has used the liDAR to accurately find the source of pollution. In January of this year, Mianyang City invested in the introduction of lidar vehicles, using liDAR to monitor high-altitude air quality, and real-time monitoring of the content of fine particles such as PM2.5 and PM10 in the air, and timely present data.

The relevant person in charge of the Atmospheric Management Office of the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment said that the on-board lidar can be fixed-point vertical monitoring, horizontal monitoring and navigation monitoring. The maximum distance in the vertical direction can be monitored up to 5 kilometers, and the horizontal direction can be monitored within a radius of 5 kilometers. It can be quickly moved to quickly detect air pollution and be disposed of in time to provide technical support for promoting atmospheric pollution control, so that there is no pollution source.遁 shape.

In order to objectively reflect the urban air quality, realize the refined management of air pollution prevention and control, and formulate scientific and rational pollution control measures, recently, Luzhou City also invited the Sichuan Provincial Ecological Environment Monitoring Station to conduct precise scanning of the urban atmosphere. .

Previously, Chengdu, Neijiang, Dazhou, Guang'an and other places also used the liDAR to help defend the blue sky. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Ecological Environment Department, the Lidar navigation vehicle has the characteristics of strong mobility and rapid response, which can realize real-time monitoring of particulate matter. Next, the province's ecological environment department will use the navigation vehicle to further strengthen air pollution supervision. Do the source control, so that law enforcement is targeted, so that air pollution prevention and control is more accurate and more effective.

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